Patients - Application for Sick Note, 7 day max (DRAFT v0.1))

Sick Note

What is a Sick Note?
We can provide sick notes for a maximum of seven days.
If a sick note for longer than this is required, a face-to-face appointment with a patient’s regular GP is more appropriate.
We have a limit of three sick certs in a 12-month period, but most are for two-three days.
Respiratory tract infections and gastroenteritis are the most common reasons for sick certs.

   Dr. Jody Shanahan-Prendergast


Irish Medical Council Register Number: 425861

How it Works?
Just €25 (100% money back guarantee).
Online consultations with Irish based doctors.
Discretely posted in a plain envelope with no branding.
Our doctors issue a 6 month prescription if medically safe and suitable.
Valid in any Irish pharmacy to buy your medication.
Delivery through the post usually within 2 business days after approval.
Fax service for urgent requests available at no extra cost, simply ask the doctor in your secure patient record after you apply.
No risk, 100% refund if our Doctors cannot help you.
The information that you provide is covered by the same patient-doctor confidentiality as in a normal face to face consultation.


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Are you currently or in the last two months have you taken any medicine (prescribed or not), alternative medicines or recreational drugs? *

Other than issues mentioned in your below Sick Note details, do you have any other significant medical conditions, illnesses or past surgical procedures?

Do you have any sensitivity to medicines or any allergies? *

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