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Please contact the Doctors using your Account. We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.


How does it work?

 Select from our listed treatments an intake form (what we treat).

Fill out intake-form and profile details

Await email to say - prescription is ready to be collected at pharmacy. (if approved by the doctor)


Who can use eClinic?

 Anyone over the age of 18


When can I see a doctor?

24/7 we are always open for your needs. Even on bank holidays, our service is available without interruption


How much does it cost?



How do I know when my prescription has been issued?

Once a prescription has been issued by the doctor, (via Healthmail), you will be notified via email that you are ready to go to the pharmacy to collect the medication


Can I get a prescription sent directly my chosen pharmacy?

Yes, normally within 90 min (variable with doctors scheduling)


Does every Rep. Ireland pharmacy accept eClinic's prescriptions?



Do I get a receipt?

Yes, after your purchase is received

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