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Causes of Asthma Pain


Causes of Asthma Pain

There are actually two factors that cause asthma, this factor can come from within and from outside. And the cause of this disease is not known for sure, but there are some things that can trigger asthma as I summarize below:

  1. Genetic factors
    One of the most frequent factors causing the recurrence of asthma is a genetic factor or congenital factor. Genetic or congenital factors are passed down by previous generations such as parents, grandparents or great-grandparents. Someone who gets asthma because of hereditary or genetic factors usually experience symptoms of asthma similar to her parents or grandparents first.

  2. Environment
    Environment is one of the factors that cause asthma. If you have this disease and are often in a dusty environment, dirty and less comfortable then asthma is more easily triggered so for those of you who suffer from this disease should pay more attention to the environment around you. For example, children who have this disease, try not to play with animals such as cats or other animals that have fine hairs.

  3. Cigarettes
    This is the most dangerous factor. Cigarettes contain harmful substances that can cause various diseases including asthma. The content of cigarette smoke, especially nicotine when entering the respiratory tract can damage the lungs and can irritate the respiratory tract. Both active smokers and passive smokers, both are very at risk of developing asthma.

  4. Air pollution
    A polluted environment or air pollution can also be a cause of asthma. Air pollution can be smoke generated from motor vehicles, factory smoke, garbage burning fumes or forest fires and the amount of flying dust. This air pollution can contaminate when you go outdoors or inside the house. Homes or rooms that are rarely cleaned can produce dust pollution that is easy to trigger the onset of asthma. Air pollution is irritant so if inhaled the respiratory tract will become sensitive and narrowed so that the risk of causing asthma.

Those are some of the things I summarize for the cause, in fact there are still some more like food-drink, stress, cold air or so on. But I summarize only four that are too fatal and often do not we ignore.

Symptoms of Asthma

Certainly before there is cause of course there are symptoms, and some of these symptoms should you look at yourself or those around you. Some of these symptoms are:

  1. Difficult breathing
  2. Tired and lethargic
  3. Disappearance of voice
  4. Difficulty sleeping or insomnia
  5. Difficult to do many things
  6. Nervous and tense
  7. Sweating
  8. Nausea and vomiting
  9. A mild fever
  10. Itching in the throat

If you or anyone around you have some things from it, then you should check with your doctor immediately. Better we suspect, because then we can find out. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

How To Treat Asthma

After I searched for some data / sources from the internet, books, even I interviewed one of the nurses from the local General Hospital I lived and someone who lived near my house who always used traditional medicine to cure some diseases. So, I got some ways to treat asthma both medically and traditional medicine.

First we will discuss medical treatment first:

Treatment of this asthma disease usually takes a long time so that the sufferer should always routinely conduct consultations to his doctor, so that will always be monitored the development of the disease. For treatment, patients with asthma itself will depend on the condition of each patient in accordance with the severity of asthma experienced. As one of the best ways to manage asthma is by teaching the sufferers to use inhalers such as inhalers for asthma sufferers.


To cope with asthma that is already at a chronic or relapse rate almost every day, you can use Oral Steroid medication. People with asthma can take this drug for two weeks at a time. If during the two weeks the asthma has subsided or the intensity begins to decrease, asthma sufferers can use previous asthma medication. This drug serves as a reliever of asthma caused by allergies. Allergies that can cause a person to become asthmatic are allergic to cold and also allergic to dust.

Second we will discuss Traditional treatment:

It is undeniable that some of us or our environment still use the traditional name of medicine, some of these people do not believe in medical treatment. But, they just want a natural treatment, in addition to not having side effects also will certainly save costs.


Some of these traditional medicines are as follows:

  • Garlic: This is a very potent asthma remedy especially for early stage asthma. Garlic can help the respiratory organs to be more relieved and reduce the fluid mucus in the respiratory organs.

  • Ginger: This is a kind of rhizome plants with special scents. Ginger has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of shortness of breath and reduce inflammation that occurs in the respiratory tract. Ginger can be a natural remedy for all types of asthma with various types of causes.

  • Onions: Did you know that onions are a very powerful ingredient to overcome an asthma attack. Onions contain anti-inflammatory substances that can reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract. Onions can also decrease the inflammation that occurs in the lungs. You can consume raw onions to treat asthma.

  • Honey: Honey contains natural substances that can help relieve respiratory tract for people affected by asthma. Alcohol in honey has one substance that is soothing respiratory cavity. In addition, honey also contains essential nutrients to maintain the immune system and avoid various other types of diseases.

  • Gymnastics: One other method known to reduce symptoms and asthma attacks is the breathing exercises. This exercise is done to train the lung organ in order to have a normal capacity. Various gymnastic movements can be done to maintain health so as to make the mind relax and avoid sufferers from stress. This is the stress therapy we discussed early in the introduction of asthma about asthma gymnastics. This is proven to help reduce the stress of asthma in patients.

Those are some methods and ways of treatment of asthma, it's just a few ways, and there are many other ways. I just write some ways that are often done by some people who suffer from asthma. You already know the gel, the cause, now it's time you realize and prevent something you already know. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. From some of my article data you can take advantage either in medical science or in traditional science.

However, I must emphasize to you that every person and every country or place, it has its own way of treatment. Not all will be the same, but if you want to apply the treatment as in the article I wrote, beforehand you should also consult with your doctor and also your closest person. Whether you can apply to yourself or not. As we discussed above; a person's chronic level is different, so the treatment of each person is also different. Recognize your illness and recognize a good treatment for you.

Thank you for taking your time to read my article, hopefully useful. Do not forget to leave a comment below.


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