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Weight Loss


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Obesity - the greatest problem of our time. Overweight occurs in people of all ages while it has a negative influence on the functioning of the body including - for the cardiovascular system. Prevention of obesity is needed in any age or since childhood is possible to mess up your metabolism and life suffer from obesity and many related diseases.

Causes of obesity
There are two main reasons contributing to the development of obesity:

Improper diet combined with less active lifestyles;
The presence of endocrine diseases (diseases of the liver, adrenal, thyroid, ovaries).
Great influence has hereditary factor. In adolescence children often let life take its course, leading a sedentary lifestyle consume excessive amounts of junk food. Many fast-food, various soft drinks, sweets, free time at the computer improper contributing of daily regimen and healthy way of children's life - this pastime slows the metabolism, promotes the development of pathologies in all systems of the body and provokes the emergence of child obesity in which can help only medications to get rid of obesity. Endocrine diseases affect the correct ratio of height and weight but much rarer cause of excess weight. Preventing obesity in children and adults will prevent worsening of health and appearance.

What factors are contributing to the obesity? In the absence of genetic predisposition and endocrine abnormalities obesity cause the following factors:

lack of adequate physical activity;
frequent stress and strong emotions;
improper diet - food abuse behaviors that lead to the development of bulimia, anorexia and other diseases;
eating too many easily digestible carbohydrates, foods with high sugar content;
violation of sleep, in particular - lack of sleep;
use of drugs that affect the central nervous system by stimulating or suppressing it.
In very rare cases, obesity may be the result of surgery (such as removal of the ovaries) or injuries (if damaged pituitary gland). The defeat of tumors of the pituitary or adrenal cortex also provokes the appearance of excess weight. Prevention of obesity at an early age will prevent health problems that occur in the presence of excess weight. Depending on the location of a larger percentage of excess weight the following types of obesity:

Upper (abdominal) - fatty layer built up mostly in the upper body and abdomen. This type is most often diagnosed in men. Abdominal obesity has a negative impact on overall health, provoking the emergence of diabetes, stroke, heart attack or hypertension.

The lower (femoral-sciatic) - localized fat in the thighs and buttocks. It is diagnosed mainly in women. Provoke the emergence of venous insufficiency diseases of joints and spine.

Intermediate (mixed) - built up fat evenly throughout the body. In all these types people prefer to buy obesity medications online.

Types of obesity can be correlated with the types of figures. Thus, for the figures of "apple" is characterized by the appearance of excess weight in the upper body and abdomen and on the figure of the "pear" body fat are localized mainly in the thighs, buttocks and lower abdomen. Preventing obesity in elderly patients is necessary since at this age there are violations in the endocrine system and reduced metabolism.

Classification of obesity
Primary obesity develops in malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle. When the body accumulates excessive amount of energy there is nowhere to waste it then it is stored as fat. Secondary obesity is a consequence of different diseases, injuries, tumors that affect the regulatory system. The endocrine is the increasing weight of the patient due to malfunction of the endocrine system, including - thyroid, adrenal glands or ovaries. Recommendations for the prevention of obesity in this case can only qualified physician who examined the patient's history and conducted all the necessary examination and prescribe obesity medications.


Diagnosis of obesity
As diagnostic measures are used:

body mass index;
electrical measurements of fat and fat-free lean tissue in the body;
measuring the volume of the body;
measuring the total amount of subcutaneous fat;
blood tests - used to diagnose diseases that cause of excess weight.
Based on the results the doctor can conclude the presence or absence of disease. Preventing obesity in children and adolescents contributes to maintaining normal body in middle and old age.

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Treatment of obesity
In some cases, weight loss was observed even with a healthy diet, sufficient exercise. In this case, doctors may assign appropriate drugs for obesity that promote weight loss. Prevention of obesity and diabetes is necessary in a patient with heart disease. If the patient with obesity has developed cardiovascular, respiratory or musculoskeletal system then you need to take medicines that solve first of all these problems. Acceptance of these drugs must be combined with the changing way of life and if necessary - with the use of drugs that stimulate weight loss. Advertised products do not provide the desired effect and effective drugs should be appointed only after a full examination by a qualified physician. Because of the large number of contraindications and side effects of receiving such obesity drugs must be carried under medical supervision in strictly designated dosage.

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