♂ Patient - Weight Loss Treatment (copy)

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What sex were you born as? *

What is your current height (enter as centimeters eg: 177.5)? *

What is your current weight (enter as kg eg: 73.1)? *

What forms of weight loss have you tried in the past? *

Have you been diagnosed with high blood sugar levels or diabetes? *

Do you currently suffer from either heart disease, high blood pressure or are you being prescribed a treatment for high blood pressure? *

Have you been diagnosed with any liver issues? *

Do you have a normal liver function? *

Have you ever been diagnosed with any kidney issues? *

Do you have a normal kidney function? *

Were you diagnosed with a food assimilation issue such as chronic malabsorption syndrome? *

Have you ever had any form of gastric surgery, such as removal of any part of your GI tract? *

Have you ever suffered from obstructive sleep apnoea? *