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Hair Loss

What causes male pattern baldness?
Male pattern baldness is perfectly normal and a natural effect of the male sex hormone Testosterone.
How common is male pattern baldness?
30% of men under 30 and 40% of men at the age of 35 have some degree of hair loss. This rises to 60% at age 60.
What should I do if I am affected by male pattern baldness?
While this is a common, normal and natural hormonal effect, some men can find this hair loss distressing. If a man’s self esteem is affected by this, then it may be best that to chat with their GP or with a counselor particularly and especially if there are other issues affecting him.
Are there prescription only treatments available for hair loss?
If hair loss is the only cause of distress, treatment can help. Take for example the hair loss treatment Proscar (active ingredient is Finasteride).
Although it will not recover any significant hair lost to Male Pattern Baldness, it will pause or stop any further hair loss in the majority of patients for the duration of time that the treatment is taken.


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