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What causes Asthma?
Asthma is due to an exuberant inflammatory reaction of the immune system as it is deployed in the bronchioles of the Lungs. If (as occurs in Asthma) the lining of the bronchioles becomes inflamed, then the diameter of the tube is markedly narrowed. This is what gives rise to the high pitched ‘wheeze’ of asthma. This inflammatory process is controlled by the anti-inflammatory action of the steroid inhalers (also called preventer inhalers).
As with many long term illnesses such as asthma there is a genetic component and an environmental trigger such as exposure to a cold or flu virus or to cigarette smoke.

Our asthma treatment service is quick and easy - you can order a prescription for your asthma treatment online and have it delivered.
We only offer repeat prescriptions.
Our service is suitable for you if you have been using your inhaler for at least three months and your asthma is well controlled.

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