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Hay Fever

What causes Hay Fever?
Hay Fever, or allergic rhinitis, is a very common allergic reaction to pollen or other allergens such as dust mites, animal dander (hair/fur) or mould.
This occurs when the allergen is inhaled and the person's immune system is sensitized.

Mild Hay Fever symptoms can be improved through over the counter medication or avoiding exposure to pollen. For more severe symptoms, there are prescription medication alternatives.

To get medically treated for Hay Fever, simply fill out the following short questionnaire. One of our doctors will review and, if medically suitable, they will send you a prescription to treat your Hay Fever.

Please note that some medications used to treat Hay Fever may cause drowsiness and this medication may affect the performance of skilled tasks such as driving or cycling. It should be avoided in those operating heavy machinery.

You may be unsuitable for this medication if you have a past history of liver disease, kidney disease, urinary retention or if you have ever had an adverse reaction to antihistamines.

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