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Male pattern baldness, what is it?
Male pattern baldness is a completely normal and often a side-effect of the male sex hormone Testosterone, which results when the Testosterone is broken down in the body.
Is male pattern baldness common in men?
Yes, actually 30% of men under the age of 30 years old and up to 40% of all men from the ages of 35 have some level of male pattern hair loss. This level increases to approximately 60% of all men from the age of 60 years old.
What options are available to me if I am noticing I have symptoms of male pattern baldness?
As mentioned above, this issue is a very common and all too familiar issue with a lot of men.  Often men find their hair loss to be extremely distressing. If you notice that your self esteem is being negatively affected by your hair loss, then it is imperative that you have a talk with their GP or other trusted individual so that treatment options can be discussed and / or alternative support mechanisms and services which are available. 
What treatments are currently available for male pattern hair loss?
If your hair loss is the main point of distress, treatment can significantly assist the person concerned. For example the male pattern hair loss treatment Proscar (active ingredient is Finasteride).
This treatment however, will not recover any significant hair lost to a Male Pattern Baldness sufferer, it will limit or stop any additional hair loss in the majority of men for the duration of time that the Proscar is being taken.

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